Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buckfast of Champignons - Not Can

A colleague of mine has recently heard Can for the first time. I envy him having the opportunity to listen to that great music with fresh ears! I thought I'd help him on his way by making a Can compilation for him. In doing so I re-discovered a playlist I'd put together as a potential TOAD some time ago, titled Buckfast of Champignons. I was intending it for use at Sunday brunch, you see. But now I have re-jigged it and expanded into what I think is a reasonable selection of music you might like if you also like Can. And which if us does not like Can? I have also re-named it:

Not Can

Much of this will be familiar to most of the regulars visitors to this blog. I hope you all enjoy nonetheless.

1. She is a Rainbow in Curved Air - Acid Mothers Temple

2. Ali's Here - Ali Farka Toure

3. You don't Pull no Punches, but you don't Push the River - Van Morrison

4. Spiders (Kidsmoke) - Wilco

5. Rolling Thunder - Steffan Basho-Junghans

6. Fur Immer - Neu!

7. Wished I Was in Heaven Sitting Down - Mississippi Fred McDowell

8. Spem in Alium - King's College Choir & Stephen Cleobury / Thomas Tallis

9. SHIRIN: Chaharmezrab-e bidad - Behnam Manahedji

10. Chaminuka We - Hakurotwi Mude, Cosmas Magaya, Luken Pasipamire, Ephat Mujuru

11. Kabacha Meflayey - Tsehaytu Beraki

12. E-Musik - Neu!

13. Can I Sleep In Your Arms? - Willie Nelson

14. Galactic Joke (B) - Cosmic Jokers

15. Barnowl - Caribou

16. Hallogallo - Neu!

17. A Raga Called Pat, part 4 - John Fahey

18. Homesickness - Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou


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Marco said...

Coolio. Not much familiar here apart from the Neu, AMT and Van. Looking forward to hearing this imminently.