Monday, December 19, 2011

Xmas 2011: Frosty

Bit dusty round these parts isn't it – or is that just some seasonal sprinklings from Santa's dandruff? Either way, it's time for an Xmas collection. Download the two files below for 32 tracks of extreme yule terror and assorted xmas loveliness from some of pop's most interesting people, ancient and modern. And some wacky interludes. And a printable cover for those of you still stuck on archiving formats you can bite. Now there's a thought. Happy holidays, pop pickers.

Part One (111 Mb) | Part Two (111 Mb)

1 comment:

djh said...

Good to see the caretaker has posted something, man who'd have guessed that the apa with < 20 members would have out distanced the spangly electro version?